Google Employees Don't Know Why One Of Its Hottest Acquisitions Is Being Shut Down

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Photo: Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Picnik, an online photo editor Google acquired in March 2010, shuts down in two days — and some Google employees still can’t figure out why.Google CEO Larry Page making huge bets, like on Google+, where some of Picnik’s staff was assigned after it was announced that Google would shutter Picnik in January this year.

When that was announced, the Picnik team had no idea why Google would do that, according to a source close to Google.

When Google decided to shut down Picnik, it was “profitable,” according to one source close to Google.

That could mean it was making a profit of $1, or way more, but it still shows Google CEO Larry Page isn’t screwing around.

Picnik had around 17 million monthly visitors, according to an interview on GeekWire with two former Picnik engineers that went to go start another company.

Justin Huff, a former Google employee, said Picnik was “doing great” in the interview.

But with Larry Page cleaning house and taking huge bets, it seems there’s only room for the killer apps — and he’s convinced Google+ is one of them.

We reached out to Google, but haven’t heard back yet.

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