Google can settle arguments for you by flipping a virtual coin

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Agonising over a difficult decision? Can’t get your team to agree?

Google’s got your back.

Hidden in the search engine is a neat Easter egg that lets you flip a virtual coin — perfect for settling disputes or choosing between two options.

It’s dead simple: Just search for “flip a coin,” “coin flip,” or something else along those lines.

Google will return the search results as normal — but insert a randomised coin-flip answer at the top.

Just like this:

Google coin flip

Or this:

Google coin flip

Aaaaand that’s really all there is to it. It ain’t complex.

There’s another variant, if you’re looking for a little more choice: A dice roll. Just search for “roll a die” and Google will shoot a random number between one and six back at you.

Like so:

Google dice roll

Lastly, Google can give you a random number between any given range. Enter “random number” in the search field, enter in the desired values in the box, and you’re good to go.


Google random number

These are minor features — but they’re pretty handy, and you never know when you might need them. They work on both desktop and mobile too.

Google is full of unadvertised Easter eggs like this. It can find your phone, tell you the nutritional information in food, or even make animal noises for you.

Have fun!

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