Google Earth Discovers Your Weed (GOOG)

Best to stick to hydroponics: Police in Switzerland, apparently by chance, stumbled upon a two-acre marijuana farm using Google (GOOG) Earth.

Sixteen people arrested.

AP: Officers discovered the hemp field in the northeastern canton (state) of Thurgau last year while investigating an alleged drug ring, said the head of Zurich police’s specialist narcotics unit Norbert Klossner.

The plantation, measuring almost two acres (7,500 square meters), was hidden inside a field of corn. But officers using Google Earth to locate the address of two farmers suspected of involvement in the drug operation quickly spotted the illegal crop.

“It was an interesting chance discovery,” said Klossner.

Unlike the two LARPers caught on Google Street View, we don’t think the pot farmers will be able to claim their cash crop is actually performance art.

We’ve said it before, and still believe it: Google’s imaging tech is amazingly cool, and it freaks us out. All at once.

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