Google Earnings Sweepstakes: We Have Winners!

Thanks to all who played the Google Earnings Sweepstakes game, especially on such short notice.  We are pleased to say we have multiple winners:

Category:        Net Revenue ($3.011 billion)
Winner:           Silicon Alley Insider.  We were spot on at $3.01 billion, just edging out Ed Res at $3.016 billion.

Category:         EPS ($3.91)
Winner:             “Cpol”, only 2 cents off at $3.93. Nate Westheimer was just behind at $3.95.

Category:      Opening Stock Price ($357)
Winner:         “Cpol”, at $675.

And the overall champion?  “Cpol!”  Congratulations.

We’re also pleased to say that, once again, the collective wisdom of GES contestants dusted the Wall Street consensus, at least directionally.

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