Check Out Google's Crazy Office In Dublin, Ireland

Google Dublin Office

We have photos of the latest wild, colourful Google office.

This time it’s Google’s offices in Dublin, Ireland, which are the company’s European headquarters.

In four buildings in Dublin’s docklands district, Google has sales, marketing, and finance employees.

The buildings interiors were designed by Swiss architecture firm Camenzind Evolution, working with with local firm Henry J. Lyons Architect.

The tallest of the four buildings is 14 stories high. There are themes for the floors, as well as for each building.

The office spaces have 5 restaurants, 42 kitchen areas, game rooms, gyms, and over 400 meeting rooms.

And these buildings are undeniably Google-y…

Here's a look at the 14-story Google Docks building.

This is the reception inside the Docks building.

Big Google letters create a colourful space.

The big letters are also meeting spaces.

More from the reception.

One of the cafes.

In the cafe, places to eat.

The cafe from the corner.

More cafe seating. Pretty cool ceiling.

Googlers hanging out, eating.

This is a microkitchen.

Here's what the work space looks like.

Another look at the work space.

This is a meeting space. The floor theme for this one is: Appiness, for Google Apps.

Here's a work space.

A little pocket meeting room.

Here's a sleek microkitchen space.

A tech stop hang out room.

What the work stations look like.

Practice putting green, so you can do some work while at your job.

An amphitheater. The floor theme is Green here.

A meeting space with circles on the ceiling.

Another spot for Googlers to interact.

A gorgeous view.

Little meeting spaces for people to face each other.

A bright yellow.

And here's another communication area.

Tucked into the wall, a one-to-one meeting space.

Another meeting area.

The Waterworld floor.

This is on the sands of the world floor.

Very cool lamp shades.

A cafe space.

A music room.

Giant pillows.

Cool wallpaper.

An Irish pub.

There are plenty of places to relax

A meeting room.

The work space.

A library.

More books.

Another different type of meeting area.

A mini amphitheater.

This is on a floor with the theme peaks and troughs.

A very public meeting room.

A brainstorming session.

An homage to Irish literature.

Work space.

Another music room.

A Google meeting room

The Google Docks cafe with colourful, wiggly chairs

Haven't had enough Google office?

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