Google Is Lost In "Social"

Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Photo: AP

However hamfistedly, Google is looking hard for someone to be its “head of social.”Problem is, according to a person familiar with the search, Google doesn’t know what it wants – from its new executive or from “social.”

Conversations with applicants tend to revolve not around any big disruptive ideas, but, according to our source, “scalability, spam filtering, [and] economic analysis of market forces.”

There’s a sense that Google wants “to break out of the box of just the search engine results page,” but doesn’t know how.

“They don’t know what they want. I think the main role is they want someone to tell them what they should do.”

“But even once they hire someone, it’s such a committee-minded decision process, from what I have heard from several ex-employees, that getting a real, well-thought out and well-executed offering out will be hard.”

We think Google should give up – give up trying to hire and build its way into a competition with Facebook and Twitter.

Instead, Google should follow these simple steps:

  • Buy Twitter for $5 billion.
  • Get its massive sales force selling Twitter’s new ads to local businesses.
  • Copy Facebook’s ridiculously popular photo-sharing application so that Twitter users can upload pictures to, tag them with @usernames, and have the photos appear as “mentions” of those tagged users’. 
  • Profit.

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