8 Ways Google Docs Will Make Your Life Easier

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Google Docs is constantly evolving with new features that make it easy to share and collaborate your documents online.With the ever-expanding list of tools, Google Docs continues add innovation that Microsoft Office wishes it could emulate.

We got some insider tips from Google, plus a few of our personal favourites that will make your next collaboration rock.

Edit from your phone

Google Docs has a mobile site that will work on most touch screen phones. Direct your browser to docs.google.com and sign in with your Google account to access.

Check your revisions

If you are collaborating on a document, you can go back and track edits other users have made. Click File then See Revision History to view.

Translate your document

You can translate text in Google Docs by clicking Tools, Translate Document, and selecting the language you want. It's not perfect, but you or the person you're sharing the document with will get the gist.

Upload and view video files

You can upload most major video file types to Google Docs including .WMV, .MPEG4, .MOV, and .AVI. Click Upload at the top of the left hand column in the main screen. You can also view your video within Google Docs after it has uploaded and processed.

Drag files to organise them

You can click and drag files and folders in Google Docs as if it was your PC's desktop. Use this feature to quickly organise your documents.

Store bookmarks from Chrome

You can keep your bookmarks backed up using Google Docs. Launch Chrome click Set Up Sync from the file menu (PC) or Chrome Menu (Mac). Log in to your Google Account and you'll see the option to sync your bookmarks.

Use a template

Google has several premade templates for charts, resumes, graphs, and presentations. You can view them all here.

Take advantage of Google Drawings

Google Drawings gives you a variety of shapes, icons, and figures that can be used in Google Docs presentations. Select Drawings from the Create New menu and select the shapes you want to use in your presentation. You can then save them to the Google Docs clipboard and paste into your presentation. It's a great way to create flow charts and info graphics.

That's not all you can do with Google Apps...

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