In a major milestone, Google's DeepMind AI just beat a human champion at Go

DeepMind Demis HassabisGoogle DeepMindDemis Hassabis of Deepmind.

Google’s DeepMind AI division just defeated human champion Lee Sedol in a game of Go.

It’s a major milestone for artificial intelligence research: Go is a simple but notoriously difficult game for computers to master because of the sheer number of potential moves. While AI programs began being able to beat humans at chess decades ago, the best Go players in the world have always been able to outsmart Go-playing software — until today.

A DeepMind team travelled to South Korea with their program AlphaGo to take on Lee Sedol, one of the best players in the world. Wednesday’s match was the first of five planned between man and machine. Prior to the game, Sedol said he was “confident” about his prospects, telling reporters he was aiming for a 5-0 victory across all the games.

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