Google Cost Cutting?

Valleywag’s Nicholas Carlson casually tosses out a bomb: an anonymous tip that Google is “about to layoff all of their temp/contract recruiters to do some cost cutting.”

Doesn’t really make sense to us, but the worst-case scenario for Google is that it’s true. Google missed its Q2 EPS in q2 because of overspending. If it really is cutting costs this early in the quarter, it could indicate that revenue is a bit light.

But we do note that the tipster is talking about canning its temp/contract recruiters: Entirely possible that the money is just being shifted around, either to different set of recruiters, or in-house. And we also note that we’ve got no idea about the tipster’s identity/credibility.

We’ve made inquiries. Will update if/when we hear anything.

*Yes, we know that Google doesn’t give guidance so it can’t “miss” earnings, but tell that to investors, who killed the stock after it missed its pretend number in Q2 (which it blamed on “overspending”).

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