You Can Explore The Colorado River On Google Street View

Google Street View has gone off road and into the waters of the Colorado River.

Last week, the Google Maps team, utilising “trekkers” from the American Rivers Organisation and the Google Earth Outreach Team, introduced a first person, 360-degree view of the six million-year-old river spanning more than 1,450 miles.

Writing on the Google Maps blog, Chris Williams offered plenty of links to the best spots:

Start at an iconic spot like Deer Creek Falls or North Canyon, or climb up to the Nankoweap Granaries. Geology fans will enjoy formations like Hermit Shale and Tapeats Sandstone. On your journey, look out for wildlife like big horn sheep and signs of a volcanic dam that naturally occurred centuries ago.

You can check out the full behind-the-scenes look over here on the Google Maps site, or just watch the video below:

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