Web Companies Are Tripping Over Themselves To Be Part Of Google's New Cloud

Google IO Urs HolzleUrs Hölzle wowed Google I/O attendees with Google’s new cloud

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Google didn’t just launch a new Amazon-killer cloud today. It launched a whole Amazon-like ecosystem.We’re being buried in press releases by Web companies that will offer their services to users of Google Compute Engine.

Here’s a few:

MapR: It offers a version of Hadoop. Hadoop is “big data” software. MapR only recently joined forces with Amazon’s cloud, becoming the first provider of Hadoop for AWS, too.

OpsCode: These guys make some uber popular open source software to help IT people manager servers. They are so hot, we named them to our list of 17 Enterprise Startups To Bet Your Career On.

Puppet Labs: Another company that makes super popular tools that helps IT people manage a lot of servers.

Numerate: A company that will use Google’s cloud like a supercomputer to help biotech companies discover new drugs. Amazon offers a similar service, via a partner called Cycle Computing. This is one of the things that Amazon’s cloud genius Werner Vogels is most proud of when he thinks of AWS, he told Business Insider.

Wait! There’s more like RightScale, CliQr Technologies and ScaleXtreme.

They see what we see: Unless Google does something drastically wrong, it’s new cloud is a shoo-in for success. Google has got big clout in the Valley and a great reputation for reliability.  Really, can you even remember the last time Google went down?

Plus, Google’s cloud will be up to 50 per cent less expensive, promises Urs Hölzle, senior vice president of infrastructure, who wowed attendees at the Google I/O conference today with the Google Cloud Engine presentation.

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