Google cloud boss Diane Greene: We're winning against AWS and Microsoft

Diane greene fortune brainstorm 2016Fortune/screenshotGoogle cloud chief Diane Greene at Fortune Brainstorm 2016

Google’s head of cloud computing says that when companies do invite Google into the bidding process for cloud computing contacts, Google almost always wins.

“We can actually win an RFP pretty much every time against AWS or Azure. Our growth is great,” Greene told attendees of the Fortune Brainstorm Tech show in Apsen, Colorado on Monday.

“We have the best infrastructure, our own network backbone, our own fibre, a very cost-effective data centres, very automated.”

And that means Google can offer low prices on those request for proposals (RFP).

Greene also said that internally, the culture at Google didn’t have to change that much to serve enterprises, which was even a surprise to her. While she’s spent her first seven months creating the kind of classic internal organisations that enterprises need (sales, support, a CTO office to help Google do more custom projects), the underlying culture was aleady a fit, she says.

“I wouldn’t have given Google a good rating when I started,” she says of her misconception. “But every Google engineer wants to make users happy, they really do. They were focused on making internal users happy. Now they can make the whole world happy. We don’t have to shift the culture.”

For instance, she says Google engineers work the weekends to give the customers more capacity, and people go to the bat if a customer has a problem. “You can’t believe the dedication.”

All of this, she thinks, is the winning combination to take on her two more established rivals, Amazon and Microsoft.

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