Google Clobbering Rivals On The Mobile Web, Too (GOOG)

Google’s search share on the Web is world-beating: 62% in the U.S. in July, according to comScore. But the search giant is also crushing its competitors in the next search frontier — the mobile Web — according to new data from comScore M:Metrics.

In the U.S., 63% of mobile searchers use Google, almost twice the penetration of second-place Yahoo (YHOO), which is used by 35% of mobile searchers, according to new data from comScore M:Metrics. In Italy, Google has 88% penetration, while Yahoo has 20% penetration. And in Germany, Google has 85.1% penetration, while Yahoo has 9%.

The big difference between the Web and mobile search: The search engine you use on the Web is mostly about individual choice. But on the mobile Web, it’s much easier for competitors to buy market share. They can strike deals to be carriers’ official search engine on their mobile portals, or ‘decks’, like Verizon just did with Google; they can strike deals to get placed directly on phones’ home screens; or they can strike deals to be the default search engine on mobile browsers, like Google is for Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone.

The good news for Google’s rivals: The game is far from over. Just 9.2% of U.S. mobile subscribers use search on their mobile phones, up from 5.8% last year.

___________________________________________________________________________<br />Top Mobile Search Brands By Mobile Searcher Penetration<br />Three-month average ending June 2008<br />United States and Western Europe<br />Source: comScore M:Metrics MobiLens<br /> <br /><strong>FRANCE</strong>                                       <strong>GERMANY</strong><br />Google                     62.9%             Google                     85.1%<br />MSN / Windows Live Search   9.6%             Yahoo!                      9.4%<br /> <br /><strong>ITALY</strong>                                        <strong>SPAIN</strong>   <br />Google                     88.1%             Google                     82.5%<br />Yahoo!                     19.5%             MSN / Windows Live Search  12.1%<br /> <br /><strong>UK</strong>                                           <strong>US</strong><br />Google                     74.0%             Google                     63.0%<br />Yahoo!                     16.2%             Yahoo!                     34.6%<br />_____________________________________________________________________________

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