Google Chromebooks Aren't Completely Dead: 20 per cent Of IT Professionals Want Them, Analyst Says

google io chromebook pixel hobbitGoogle Pixel Chromebook

Google’s Chromebook laptop is about two years old now and it seems as if the idea has been all but killed by tablets like the iPad.

However, there’s still a sliver of hope that the Chromebook could capture some of the enterprise market, according to a new research report by market research firm Forrester.

That’s because a surprising number of IT pros that work for enterprises are thinking about them.

In a recent survey of 1,282 global enterprise IT professionals, about one-quarter said that they were interested in buying Chromebook for their companies.

Unfortunately, this interest isn’t turning into actual sales yet.

Some 16% of IT professionals would like to buy Chromebooks for their companies. But only 4% are using them now and only another 4% have firm plans to buy Chromebooks.

And this means, of course, that most enterprises have no interest in Chromebooks at all.

This chart spells it all out:

Enterprise interest in Chromebooks

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