Computers running Google Chrome could soon run faster thanks to a new update

We’re not usually excited by web browser updates, but this particular upcoming update coming to Chrome could actually have a decent impact on your computer’s performance.

Google will roll out an update on December 6 that will dramatically reduce the amount of RAM, or memory, that its Chrome web browser uses by up to 50%, according to CNET. So, if Chrome uses 100 megabytes of your RAM now, it will use 50 when you install the update.

How does this help my computer?

By using less RAM, Chrome will let keep more open tabs and run more apps without slowing down your computer as much. It also means you don’t need to worry as much about closing Chrome tabs or quitting apps.

Indeed, your computer has a finite amount of RAM memory, and Chrome is a gluttonous memory hog that consumes a large chunk of your computer’s memory. If you have a bunch of open Chrome tabs, it might not leave very much memory for other apps. In fact, Chrome can take up so much RAM that it doesn’t leave enough for itself if you have too many open tabs.

RamPC Part PickerHere’s what a ‘stick’ of RAM looks like. It’s essentially a super-fast SSD.

It could also help if your computer is on the low-end in terms of memory, which ranges from four gigabytes and below.

Super quick rundown of what RAM is

Memory is used to temporarily store the open apps you’re using into your computer’s proverbial “back pocket,” so it can bring them up again quickly when you need them. For example, if you have Chrome, Word, and Spotify open, those apps and whatever you’re doing with them will be stored in your computer’s RAM memory so you can switch between them quickly.

The more RAM, the bigger the “back pocket,” and the more open apps you can run while your computer runs smoothly.

It’s about time Google is cutting down the amount of RAM consumed by Chrome, because I’m constantly closing apps and restarting my computer, and all I’m doing is using Chrome.

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