11 Gchat And Google Hangouts Tricks You Need To Know

Spend all day on one of Google’s chat services?

Us too. 

We’ve put together our favourite fun tricks for GChat and Google Hangouts

First of all, you need to check whether you're using the old Google Chat or the new Hangouts. They look a little different and have different features:

If you're using the old chat, you can start using Hangouts by clicking your photo icon:

In Hangouts, you can use way more emoji (!) and send pictures or draw doodles (but for those last two, you need to have a Google+ account):

Some tricks work for both, like talking about yourself in the third person:

Others are exclusive to Hangouts. Try these out for some cute surprises:

Or, type 'woot,' 'LMAO,' or 'happy birthday':

If you want to keep using the old GChat, you can enable pictures in messages by navigating to your Gmail settings, then going to the 'Labs' tab:

Also in the Labs tab, you'll find an option to float your Gchat contacts on the right side of your screen:

You can translate your messages into a bunch of different languages using Google's chat bots:

Or add some emphasis with bold, italicize, or strike-through formatting:

There's also some emoji that Google doesn't list, but will animate:

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