Google Chairman Eric Schmidt's Total Compensation For 2011 Was $101 Million

eric schmidt

Photo: AP

Eric Schmidt gave up his role as CEO at Google and got a nice pay day last year.Bloomberg went over a regulatory filing from Google and found that his total compensation for 2011 is $101 million.

Here’s the breakdown from Bloomberg:

Schmidt, who was paid $313,219 in 2010, received $55.6 million in share awards and $38.1 million in options, the Mountain View, California-based company said yesterday in a regulatory filing. The remaining $7.2 million came from Schmidt’s $937,500 salary and other compensation.

IMPORTANT! He’s not being handed $101 million. The options are meted out over time. And this isn’t some sort of recurring compensation package. It’s a one time shot.

That said … it’s a lot of money, even for a guy with a net worth pegged at $7 billion.

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