Google has a little-known feature that will analyse what’s in your food for you

Junk food snacks chips processed
Tasty. But not too healthy. Shutterstock

Here’s a neat feature hiding in Google you might not know about: You can use the search engine to help you eat healthily.

Ask Google how many calories, or fat, or salt, is in a given foodstuff, and it will automatically calculate it for you.

Queries can be asked in natural English, and you can ask about pretty much any nutrient: “How much protein is there in 89g of chicken?” for example will yield you the answer — 24g — as well drop downs to further specify what you mean. Are you talking about chicken breast or stewed chicken drumsticks? McDonald’s Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken, Popeyes Bonafine Chicken, or plain old chicken gizard?

The options are (nearly) endless.

Butter google calories
Turns out butter is pretty fatty. Who knew? BI

It’s the sort of thing that could come in useful if you’re trying to watch your weight or plan meals while on the go. You can also search for specific meals if you’re eating out.

Google calories chow mein
Mmmmmm. BI

It’s pretty handy, but Google may have some far more ambitious weight-watching plans on the horizon. Back in June 2015, it showed off an AI-powered app called lm2Calories.

The app (which isn’t to the public) aims to tell you exactly how many calories are in a meal — just by looking at a photo of it.

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