From Billiards Tables To Briefing Rooms Designed Like Underground Tunnels: Google Campuses Around The World

Google doesn’t hold back when it comes to designing its campuses.

And while the search giant’s Mountain View, California campus receives lots of attention — it was featured in “The Internship” — there’s plenty more to see outside California.

From Toronto, Canada to Zurich, Switzerland, Google’s flair for build ling the coolest offices doesn’t let up.

And at the same time, each office has a slightly different feel.

The black lights of Toronto’s music room cast a futuristic glow on its DJ turntables, while Google’s Paris, France office looks more like a cozy drive-in theatre with its classic Citroen 2CV car parked in front of a flatscreen television.

At the very least, Google certainly seems to steer clear of “ordinary” offices, and we can’t complain. 

The Zurich office briefing room is designed like an underground tunnel.

A neon Google logo at the new Toronto Google office.

At the New York City office, you can take a break and play some Guitar Hero.

That's no rooftop, but the New York City office does have a pretty scenic mural.

Giant binoculars — designed by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen guard the entrance of Google's campus near Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

The Venice Beach, LA office also has a rock climbing wall.

No technology is allowed at the LA office's Eames meeting room, complete with an iconic Eames lounge chair to relax in.

There's free lunch, and 15 different cafes to choose from at the Mountain View campus.

Cafes can also be reserved for special events — like baby showers — at the Mountain View Campus.

Free tea service for your business meeting? Why not?

Need to ask a co-worker a question? Grab a scooter and wheel down the hallways the NYC office.

Say goodbye to boring office spaces — the San Francisco office went with a safari theme.

A classic Citroen 2CV car sits in the Google France headquarters in Paris.

Eating healthy: Free snacks at the Toronto campus kitchen.

Toronto's office also has a rooftop put-put green.

Black lights and turntables: The music room at Google's Toronto office.

You've been around the world, but why not dive into a virtual world?

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