Why The Heck Doesn't Google Have A Google Calendar App? (For iPhone)

Henry Blodget

Why doesn’t Google have a calendar app for iPhone?

Yes, I realise that if one wants to take the time to figure out how to do it, one can sync one’s web-based Google Calendar with the native iPhone calendar app (I think).

But who has the time to do that?

Google has a bazillion engineers. Why doesn’t it assign a couple of them to build iPhone apps?

Is it because Google is trying to subtly force me to switch to Android? If so, sorry Google–not going to happen.

Is it because Apple would ban a free Google Calendar app from the App Store? (I doubt that, given that there’s a Gmail app, but on the off chance that they are, I’m ready to blast them…)

I realise that Google’s locked in a massive fight to the death with Apple, and that Apple’s winning, and i that t must be humiliating to build apps for Apple. But I’m tired of being forced to use the clunky web-based version of Google Calendar from my phone. (I ride subways–I don’t have a persistent connection.)

So, what gives, Google? Why no calendar app?

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