Why Google Felt Like It Had To Pay $350 Million For Wildfire

Victoria Ransom

[credit provider=”leweb3″ url=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/leweb3/6484349365/lightbox/”]

Google just spent $350 million to acquire Wildfire Interactive, a site that helps brands manage their social media presence.A source says the deal came together because Google tried — and failed — to acquire the top player in the space, Buddy Media.

“Google wanted to buy Buddy; they came in first,” says the source. “But a banker talked to Salesforce and then they closed it really fast.”

The source says Google was angry after the botched deal, so it snapped up Wildfire quickly.

“Google already has the demand side and supply side of the advertising business. The one thing they didn’t have was social. Now they have Wildfire.”