Twitter just sold its developer platform to Google

Jack dorsey twitter flight 3TwitterTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey at Twitter Flight 2015

Google bought Twitter, after all — or at least, a part of it.

Google has purchased Fabric, Twitter’s platform for developers to build apps, for an undisclosed sum, according to a blog entry.

In 2016, it was reported that Google would make a bid for Twitter, competing with the likes of Disney and Salesforce, but ultimately decided not to put in an offer.

Fabric, which encompasses mega-popular tools for building mobile apps like Crashlytics, Answers and Fastlane, will become a part of Google’s Developer Products division, joining the search giant’s similarly-focused Firebase business.

In that blog entry, Twitter says that over 580,000 developers have used Fabric’s tools since the platform was introduced in 2014, powering apps on some 2.5 million mobile devices.

Twitter VP of Product Management Jeff Seibert — who had been serving as the head of Fabric — has said via Twitter that he won’t be coming along to Google. Instead, Twitter’s Rich Paret will be taking over control of Fabric as it moves to Google.

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