Google Close To Paying ~$2 Billion For Its NYC Headquarters


Google is close to paying ~$2 billion for the building it’s currently renting in the Chelsea neighbourhood of New York City, the New York Post reports.

(We toured the office last year, camera in tow, click here to check out Google’s New York offices.)

The Chelsea building is one of the biggest in the city, covering an entire city block between 8th and 9th avenue and 15th and 16th streets. It is 2.9 million square feet large. Google occupies around 550,000 square feet of the building today.

Google would be paying $690 per square foot, which the Post calls “very respectable” for 2010. In 2007, it would have been closer to $1,500.

The Post warns the deal could still fall apart.

Google's office is the huge brown brick one on 8th Avenue in Chelsea

It's the old New York Port Authority. By square-footage, it's the biggest office building in New York.

It's in Chelsea, where the walls are glass and they write the specials in chalk

Step off the elevator and here's what you see. The water bottles are for guests only.

Apparently Googlers read USA Today and Informationweek

Why not brush up on your Java skills when using the urinal?

Google's famous snack selection.

The requisite schmancy espresso machine

The company keeps maps on its walls in case Googlers get lost

One hallway is full of old computers…

…and old video game consoles.

I found my first PC, an Amiga by Commodore

An early predecessor to Google Docs

Here are the founders, Lego-ized.

Googlers really love their Legos

We saw this on a white board, but it wasn't the droid we were looking for

Google New York has a satellite office across the street above Chelsea Market

The smaller office feels more like a startup

Yes, that's a slide in the background

Lounge chairs for those who want to get a little tube light?

The Chelsea Market office has startup-y graffiti on some of its walls

That table doesn't actually have kerosene in it. We think.

Google colours are everywhere

New York Googlers hold meetings with their Mountain View counterparts using videoconferencing, which is hooked up in almost every room.

Real living people do work at Google New York, but PR asked us not to take pictures of them

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