OK, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg Just Showed You How To Buy A Hot Company--Now Go Buy Pinterest

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg just woke up the tech industry by snapping up red-hot mobile app Instagram for more than $1 billion.

(Facebook intentionally low-balled the value of its stock in the deal, so the purchase price was actually higher than initially reported).

Google used to have the balls to do things like that.

Remember when Google paid $1.7 billion for tiny YouTube while most of the usual idiots guffawed about how this was SO OBVIOUSLY MORONIC?

Now look at YouTube.

Well, that was then.

Now, Google just does things like buying huge dying cell-phone makers (Motorola), hallucinating that it is suddenly going to be able to compete with Apple.

(OK, that’s a ballsy bet, too–and, unlike the YouTube buy, it’s almost assuredly moronic–but it’s a different kind of ballsy bet. It’s a mature-and-arrogant-company ballsy bet, one that will actually be vastly harder to make work.)

Anyway, Larry Page, it’s to get back to your ballsy roots!

Your nemesis, Mark Zuckerberg, the young hotshot who is stealing more of your thunder by the day–the new you!–just showed you how to buy a red-hot company that isn’t for sale:

Pick up the phone, invite the CEO over to your house, write a humongous check, and get the deal done.

So now it’s your turn.

As we’ve discussed, you should buy Pinterest, another red-hot company that isn’t for sale.

It will cost you a couple of billion.

But that’s chump change to you.

So, stop dreaming about how you’re suddenly going to become a world-class gadget company like Apple, and snap up a business that’s much closer to home–a business that could threaten the most lucrative part of your search business, commerce search.

Remember how you blew your chance to buy Twitter when it was still affordable?

Don’t make the same mistake again!

Go buy Pinterest!

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Watch below what normal people think of Pinterest:

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