As Google Bus Protests Continue, The Protesters Issue Concrete Demands

The Google bus saga continues in San Francisco, with protesters physically stopping buses on the road today, according to Valleywag.

Here’s a recap, in case you’ve missed the ongoing issues: San Francisco residents are fed up with the gentrification and rising cost of living in the city, widely attributed to the influx of tech workers at companies like Google, Apple and Facebook. Those companies provide buses to cart employees to the Valley to help with their morning commutes, but those buses use the same public infrastructure as city buses. People are protesting by blocking the buses and, in December, smashing a window.

Today, the protesters, led by an organisation called Heart Of The City, are handing out fliers with a concrete list of demands, which includes tech companies paying for their impact on housing and public infrastructure, a moratorium on all no-fault evictions, and a preservation of rent-controlled housing.

Here’s the list of demands, as tweeted by journalist Ethar El-Katatney:

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