Google is smashing Android and Chrome together and it's awesome

Google just took a big step to unite its two operating systems, Chrome and Android, and it’s great news for users.

The company is bringing its mobile OS Android app store, Play, to Chrome OS, the software that runs on its Chromebook laptops, it announced at its IO developers’ conference on Thursday.

That means that Chromebooks will soon be able to run all 1.5 million Android apps.

The functionality will launch with three new Chromebooks this summer, with additional devices getting the functionality in the fall.

This move brings a lot more functionality to Chromebooks. Users who crave a more seamless experience across their laptop and Android smartphone will now have it.

It’s also potentially good news for app developers who will be able to reach more users. It won’t be without some effort though: most smartphone apps will look pretty lousy on the big screen of a Chromebook device, so developers will have to make some tweaks to their design.

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