A mysterious pair of Google headphones have shown up in FCC filings

Some photos of a mysterious pair of Google-branded headphones have been discovered in new FCC filings. (The filings were passed around on Reddit and gadget blogs Wednesday.)

The headphones look pretty basic: over-the-ear cans with Bluetooth and an optional wired connection. Nothing we haven’t seen before from a gazillion other headset makers.

Take a look:

What’s going on here?

There are a bunch of possible explanations for these headphones, but if we had to guess, they look like some sort of promotional giveaway, likely for Google’s upcoming I/O conference in a few weeks. They don’t really seem like a major consumer product.

Google also sells a lot of generic gadgets from its internal merchandise store, which is full of overpriced gizmos that would normally be better if they were given away as swag. (There’s even another pair of Google headphones in there!)

It’s highly unlikely these new headphones will be a new entry into Google’s expanding portfolio of consumer hardware, which includes the Pixel phones and Google Home speaker.

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