The Google Brain Drain


Google’s (GOOG) talent continues to trickle out the door. The most recent departure: David Rosenblatt, the former DoubleClick CEO who has recently led Google’s display advertising business.

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But Rosenblatt is just one of several important Googlers who’s recently left the company, including former ad sales boss Tim Armstrong, now the CEO of AOL; a few international execs; design and product leads; and Larry Brilliant, the guy who ran Google’s charity arm.

We can’t think of a time in Google’s 10-year history that so many executives have left in such a short period.

Is there a reason for the turnover? One departed exec speculates that there just isn’t enough room for growth at Google. Execs want more “horizontal” control over the organisation and Google’s upper management likes to keep people locked into vertical roles. Either that, or “there’s so much talent at Google it’s difficult to keep everyone.”

The good news is that it doesn’t really matter. Every company loses talent, especially a company like Google that’s reaching maturity after a high-growth boom. Google is still in great shape.

Each employee, of course, has different reasons for leaving. Many, like Rosenblatt, Armstrong, and Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, want to become CEOs — which isn’t going to happen at Google. Others wanted a change of scenery and attitude. And yet others collected their checks and went to the beach, such as former CFO George Reyes.

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