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Now that Google is Alphabet, it’s going to need some extra URLs to match its new identity.

But the company may be taking the quest for the perfect domain name a bit too far.

In addition to the domain that Google showed off in August, it seems that Google also recently acquired the domain for the entire alphabet.

That’s right. Google is now the proud owner of the handy internet domain

Google’s new 26-letter URL was spotted in Whois records by The site noted that the URL was created in 1999 and was privately owned before being transferred to Google, though it’s not clear how much Google paid for the URL.

“We realised we missed a few letters in, so we’re just being thorough,” a Google spokesperson told us in an emailed statement.

Recode’s Mark Bergen speculates that the purchase may have been defensive, to prevent the likes of Apple or Facebook getting their hands on it.

Clicking on the URL today leads to an inactive site. And we wouldn’t expect that to change anytime soon — The internet address may be easy to remember, but it’s not one that most people would relish typing.

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