Check Out Google's AMAZING Android Booth At Mobile World Congress

Google booth slide TBI MWC 2011

Photo: Dan Frommer, Business Insider

BARCELONA — Google’s Android booth at Mobile World Congress is more like an amusement park.It’s one of the biggest booths we’ve seen at the show, and easily the most crowded.

That’s because it’s awesome.

No boring pamphlets and worn out booth babes here.

Google has installed a full-size slide, a smoothie bar with free beverages, and a second-floor lounge.

Google isn't goofing around here -- a huge sign on the building tells you to come inside and meet the Android community

Signs on the floor direct you to a far corner, where Google's booth is

Once you get to the booth, it's a mob scene

Greetings, earthling!

It's very Googly, of course -- here is one of the requisite lava lamps

Everyone is wearing Android tshirts (is there a Valentine's Day connection here, or do Android robots always love you?)

Easily the best part is the slide

Yes, a real slide

Even Google CEO Eric Schmidt slid down it to a cheering crowd, according to sources who witnessed it

And when you slide down, it automatically takes your picture

Of course we had to try it out. Instant review: Great success!

Whew, we're not used to exercise like that. How about a free smoothie at the Android smoothie bar?

Past the smoothie bar there's some Android phones on display, like this table of HTC goodies

A cool train of Android devices winds down a long table, and back through the wall. (Where's the sushi?)

This is the only sleepy corner in the whole booth, where some of the enterprise-y companies are hanging out

Back out front, they've got Android guy Tim Bray meeting and greeting dignitaries

Giant-size Nexus S on display

And the rest of the main floor of the booth is a bunch of Android ecosystem stands. Here are the Pandora ladies.

Intuit is here

The Google Earth crew

Android pins -- collect all 86

The New Yorker is here

So is Ali Dodson representing Time Inc.

And a bunch of gaming companies -- gaming is becoming much more important to Android

This thing makes a nice mirror

Upstairs, all the sparkling and flat water you can drink

Play around with the Android logo on these Android devices

And they print out stickers with your custom design on them

Everyone else is just hanging out in the lounge up here

The Android on the right looks a little like me, actually

Lava lamps and Android gadgets to play with

More stickers

The smoothie bar is very popular

The amazing Android booth from the balcony

OK, it's time to get outta here

Later, Eric Schmidt gave the keynote at Mobile World Congress

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