Check Out The Crazy Things Google Users Want To Know About UK Politicians

We’re big fans of the strange glimpse into the dark depths of the human soul provided by Google’s autocomplete feature, and, prompted by a tweet from writer Matt Leys, thought we’d look at exactly what Google users wanted to know about their UK politicians.

First, British Prime Minister David Cameron. A search from the British ( site reveals this:

David Cameron Google

Ah, the old “left handed” question. Interestingly, the US site (.com) has somewhat different priorities:

David Cameron Google

 (You’ll notice the Jewish search becomes something of a theme by the way.)

Now, lets take a look at a search for his deputy, Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg. From the UK site:

Nick Clegg Google

Yes, a number of UK Google users are so unimpressed by Clegg’s tenure that they want to know if he is dead.

Here’s opposition leader Ed Miliband’s results from the UK site. We’re not sure Ed knows the answer to the third question himself:

Nick Clegg Google

His brother (and rival) earns a cryptic “in the”:

David Miliband Google

And what about Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party? He may be a little troubled by a couple of these:

David Cameron Google

(NB. We’re very aware that this is hardly scientific, and only representative of the crazy wing of people who like to search full questions in Google.)