Google Autocomplete Shows Humanity's Healthy Disrespect For Global Leaders

As Australians, we’ve always celebrated our ability to ignore any tinges of respect we might feel towards our leaders, police, scientists and artists.

We’re not alone in this. Even people from other countries have no respect for high-ranking Australians, such as US-based English comedian John Oliver, who earlier this week delivered a brutal takedown of Tony Abbott’s leadership to date.

But here’s news – we’re also not alone in our Tall Poppy fixation. Google Autocomplete says so.

We’ve compiled a rundown of what Big Data tells us how we think of our leaders worldwide. The results aren’t pretty.

And yes, you might get slightly different results on your own browser, but if you do, it’s possibly because your search history might be biased from somewhere in the past. (We’re using Chrome.)

Western Leaders

  • Mostly idiots and Lizard People
  • Eastern Leaders

  • Heroes and dictators
  • In the case of Modi, “feku” means “bragger”
  • Dictators

  • “Pokemon Master” refers to this excellent College Humor parody of the Dear Leader
  • Royalty

  • Wow. Harsh. Particularly that Burnley jibe.
  • Bonus Item?

    We don’t really know what to say about this, other than it proves that Big Data can be wrong, and that you take should everything you read in Google Autocorrect and reverse it to find out what people actually think.

    It’s the only positive result we could find, which makes it amazing and horrifying in equal parts.

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