Google Australia Staff Just Got Zippy New Scooters To Roam Around On

Bikes are the primary mode of transport for Googlers in Mountain View to get around the vast campus, but Aussie staff haven’t ever needed to zip between buildings due to the centralised office in Sydney’s Pyrmont.

Until now.

The Google logo on the scooters.

In favour of renting a second office somewhere in another suburb, Google has decided to take up some of the floor space left vacant in the nearby Fairfax Media (which owns Business Insider Australia’s parent, Allure Media) building following recent redundancies.

Googlers have now been treated to a fleet of shiny new scooters (pictured) with wider wooden footboards and larger wheels so that staff can grab one and scoot over to the second office which is still reportedly being outfitted for Google’s use.

The new scooters are custom-made from an Australian company called Xootr based out of Artarmon in Sydney. The models Google seem to have opted for are the Black MG model with rear fender & brake, outfitted with the special aftermarket Cruz Deck wooden footboard.

This isn’t the first time Googlers have been given scooters to play with. The newer, larger scooters supersede blue aluminium Razer-style scooters designed for getting about indoors.

The new scooters are parked in the Google lobby emblazoned with the search giant’s logo, waiting for staff to just grab them and go for a joyride. As recently as today, we saw Googlers zipping around the boardwalk at Pyrmont.

Don’t forget a helmet, Googlers!

Image: Luke Hopewell for Business Insider

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