Google Australia Boss Maile Carnegie Says Tax System Needs To Be Fixed

The tax arrangements of Google Australia and other multinational companies including Apple, Glencore and Shell have been questioned lately with a number a reports attempting to disentangle how and where the companies pay their tax bills and how big they are compared to revenues earned in Australia.

Google Australia claims it paid $7.1 million tax last year and the company’s managing director Maile Carnegie has commented on the issue.

She told The Australian, “I can understand why there has been so much focus on it”. But said it is diverting attention from what she sees as the real issue – a broken tax system.

“What I hope for on tax is that we all start fixing the system. Getting a simpler and more transparent tax system, globally and locally, is what will change outcomes,” she said.

“All that passion (aimed at multinationals which are using the tax system to their benefit) should be focused on fixing the system.

“We want to be part of the conversation … but at the end of the day, the people who own the regulations are governments.”

There’s more here.

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