Google Australia boss Maile Carnegie quits for ANZ

Outgoing Google Australia boss Maile Carnegie. Image: Supplied.

Google Australia MD Maile Carnegie is leaving the company for ANZ.

She will be Group Executive Digital Banking, reporting to ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott, from July this year, and her role will include liaison with Australia’s growing financial technology (FinTech) sector.

ANZ says Carnegie “will lead the strategic development and delivery of a superior digital experience for the bank’s eight million retail, commercial and institutional customers, as well as for its staff.”

“This includes digital projects, innovation and strategic relationships with the FinTech sector. Reflecting digital’s importance to ANZ’s performance, Maile will also have shared responsibility for the financial results of the bank’s Australian and New Zealand Divisions,” ANZ said.

Business Insider understands Google will be recruiting internally and externally for a replacement, with the local leadership team to report to Google’s Asia Pacific President Karim Temsamani in the interim.

In Carnegie’s time at the company, Google, like many other global technology companies, has been under scrutiny for its use of offshore tax havens to reduce taxes paid on Australian earnings. Carnegie appeared at the Senate inquiry into multinational tax avoidance last year and explained that Google was “not opposed to paying tax. What we’re opposed to is being uncompetitive.”

Maile Carnegie / File

In an interview posted on ANZ’s website today Carnegie said she “wasn’t actively looking to leave” Google, where she has been since 2013.

Digital products are a major battleground between the major Australian retail banks. ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott, who took over as head of the bank on January 1 from Mike Smith, has pledged to continue driving digital product development. Brian Hartzer, the new Westpac CEO, was chosen partly because of his understanding of the need for digital transformation at the bank.

In a statement, Elliott said: “Part of Maile’s role will also be to shift our thinking and champion a Group-wide innovation culture at ANZ based on developing and attracting service-focused, technology-literate, innovative and experimental people and teams. This includes being the sponsor of a new Digital Business Transformation Leadership Program created jointly by ANZ and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“I am incredibly pleased to have Maile join us. Her experience at Google, her track record in building brands and business in Australia and in Asia, and her leadership skills make her uniquely qualified to lead ANZ’s digital transformation.”

Temsamani said: “Maile’s contribution to our Australia and New Zealand business and to the wider Asia Pacific region has been outstanding. I’ve loved working with her, as have her teams. Her enthusiasm for transforming the digital community is contagious, and I will really miss working with her.”

Carnegie was an advocate for flexible working in the technology sector and in the wider Australian business community. She has two boys and has described female participation “is a critical issue for the industry”.

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