Google Assistant finally comes to Sonos in Australia

Image: Supplied

For far too long Sonos users have been left without Google Assistant’s much-needed help as well as its far-less-needed sass.

That is, until now.

Google Assistant has finally launched on Sonos in Australia, joining its AI rival, Alexa.

While you won’t be able to have the frenemies on the same device, you can team them up across multiple Sonos products. For example, if you feel like having Alexa manage your Sonos One while Google Assistant seems more appropriate on Sonos Beam. The possibilities are truly endless.

Google’s little helper can help you queue shows onto your Chromecast, give you a highlights reel of your favourite sport matches and let you know what time you’re supposed to be at the airport for your flight.

All you’ve got to do is install the latest software update on your Sonos device and bam, Google Assistant is now in your life.