Google's Andy Rubin Fires Back At Steve Jobs After Steve's Amazing Anti-Android Rant

Steve Jobs joined Apple’s quarterly conference call for the first time in ages–and used most of his air time to trash Google’s Android.

Steve suggested that the Android activation numbers that everyone’s slapping each other’s backs about are probably bogus. He said the dozens of different flavours of Android make developing apps a nightmare. He said Android wasn’t really an “open” platform and that, in any event, “open” doesn’t always win. He said Android-based tablets will be dead on arrival. He said he was highly confident that Apple is going to smoke Android over the long haul.

Well, that’s a lot of trashing. And Google has finally responded.

Google‘s Andy Rubin took to Twitter and sent the following tweet (the only one he has ever sent).  In code, it apparently means that Android is, in fact, “open.”

(A kind reader was nice enough to translate it for us below):

Andy Rubin tweet

Here’s our reader’s translation:

It’s a set of operating commands to load Android onto a unix system (presumably linux which runs on just about everything).

*mkdir android – makes a directory called “android”

* cd android – changes directory to the new android directory

* the next longwinded command downloads code to generate an Android system (and yes – you can see how that works)

* I do not know what repo sync does –

* and the last command is the compilation command.

It’s a nice tease because obviously nobody much needs to “make android” – but hey – it is open.

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