Google Hosting Android Event October 29, Likely To Announce A New Smartphone

google nexus invite

Photo: Google

Google just sent out invites to the press for an Android-themed event in New York.The announcement will likely be for Google’s new Nexus phone, which is rumoured to be made by LG. It’s also possible Google will team up with other hardware manufacturers to make Nexus devices this year. The LG Nexus is said to be a variant of the LG Optimus G, which recently launched.

Finally, there are rumours Google will offer a new Nexus 7 model with 32 GB. The entry-level 16 GB Nexus 7 could also drop to $99 from $199.

Android Boss Andy Rubin is also scheduled to speak at AllThingsD’s mobile conference following Google’s press conference. We’re guessing he’ll use that opportunity to show off the new Android hardware.

Even more interesting, Microsoft is holding a press conference the same day to announce the final consumer-facing features for its next mobile operating system Windows Phone 8.

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