The Mobile Payment Wars Between eBay, Google, And Square Heat Up Again

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Square Follows Google With Pay-By-Email Service (SocialTimes)

In another sign the mobile payments wars are heating up, Square has followed on the heels of rival Google Wallet in offering payments via email. As we wrote last week, there’s a lot at stake: Square is processing payments at an impressive $15 billion annual run rate. Meanwhile, both PayPal and Square have also launched new register-style consoles that integrate with their mobile payment solutions. Google is betting on NFC (Near-Field Communications), a technology that allows phones to be waved to pay infront of compatible NFC terminals. eBay’s PayPal, Square and late-entrant Groupon are betting on more software-centric approaches. Read > 

  • BI Intelligence covered the mobile payment wars in a recent February 2013 report, “Who Will Win As Mobile Payments Go Mainstream.” 

Google Glass Forecast: 21 Million Sold Annually By 2018 (BI Intelligence)
We began our coverage of Google Glass with a forecast of where its sales will go once it launches in mid-2014. Read > 

China Mobile Preps 4G Rollout With Shanghai Trial (Tech In Asia)
China Mobile, the largest carrier in the world, is running its largest 4G trial to date, in anticipation of a rumoured nation-wide rollout later this year. The arrival of 4G will have a huge impact on smartphone usage patterns. A 4G connection generates 14 times as much data as a non-4G connection, according to Cisco. Read >  

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Yahoo Acquires Tumblr (Yahoo!)
It’s official: Yahoo is acquiring the mobile-savvy Tumblr blogging service for a reported $1.1 billion. Writing on Yahoo’s Tumblr page, CEO Marissa Mayer said, “We promise not to screw it up.” Read > Yahoo Also Revamped Flickr And Includes An Android App (TechCrunch)
Yahoo also debuted a new user interface for Flickr, an Android app (following a big update of its iOS app), and one terabyte of free storage. A revamped Flickr, along with the Tumblr acquisition, would be centrepiece of Yahoo’s renewed push into mobile. Read >

GrubHub and Seamless Merge As Food Orders Go Mobile (Bloomberg)
The two largest food-delivery websites in the U.S. are merging operations to supercharge growth. GrubHub CEO John Maloney, who will also lead the new combined entity, says mobile has increased the frequency of customer’s orders. GrubHub and Seamless generate 30% and 40% of their order volume through mobile, respectively. Read >

All Mobile Video Chat Apps Should Work On AT&T By The End of Year (The Verge)
After foot-dragging on video chat, AT&T released a statement yesterday saying substantially all video chat apps should work on its network by year-end. Read > 

Samsung Is Looking For Galaxy-Specific Apps (Wall Street Journal)
The largest smartphone manufacturer in the world is hosting a competition to create app for Galaxy smartphones. The 10 winners will receive a combined $800,000 in prize money. Specifically, it is looking for apps that utilise Group Play, a function which allows users to share content with each other. Read >

Seven Steps To Leverage Design Thinking For Mobile Strategy (Business 2 Community)
Design thinking is brought to bear on a step-by-step mobile strategy process. In this series, mobile experts take readers through the seven steps of a mobile design process, citing case studies along the way. 

  1. Scoping: What is your mobile intent?
  2. 360-degree Research: Identify your company’s history in mobile, and best practices outside your firm. 
  3. Synthesis: Create a map of user needs and frustrations. 
  4. Ideation: Choose the best methods for addressing the user’s desires and solving their problems. 
  5. Prototyping: Deploy some of your solutions to test them. 
  6. Validation: Check the results, and refine where needed. 
  7. Implementation

The post linked here covers steps three and four. Read >

The Top Mobile Marketing Trends (Uberflip) 
From responsive design to app store-based marketing, this infographic provides a current roadmap to mobile marketing. (See below.)

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