Google and Fiat Chrysler could be working together on self-driving minivans

More news has surfaced about a potential partnership between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Google.

Fiat Chrysler may be providing Google with Chrysler Pacifica minivans to use for the continued testing of its autonomous car tech, Bloomberg reports. This would likely only be the first stage of partnership between the two companies.

This would be first time Google partnered with an automaker to bring its autonomous car tech closer to consumers.

Bloomberg also reports that this alliance would still leave the two companies to operate freely, as they have been doing, and allow them to work with other companies if the opportunity arises.

This matching would be beneficial to both companies. It would likely give Fiat Chrysler a jump start on getting Google’s autonomous tech, which already has 1.4 million miles clocked-in, into its cars before anyone else has the chance, and it’d also almost definitely be a ton cheaper for the company than if it was to develop it’s own self-driving tech.

Google’s also been fishing for months looking for a company that would be interested in teaming up with it to bring its new innovations closer to the consumer world.

Maybe they have finally found that.

Neither Fiat Chrysler nor Google were immediately available for comment.

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