Google beats, stock pops

Sundar Pichai GoogleGetty ImagesGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai

Google parent company Alphabet beat its Q2 earnings expectations on both the top and bottom line, sending the stock popping more than 5% after-hours.

It has leveled to about 4% up.

Here are the most important numbers:

Revenue (ex-TAC):$17.5 billion ($16.9 billion expected), up 21% year-over-year

EPS: $8.42 vs. $8.03 expected

Alphabet’s Other Bets, like Nest, Verily, and super-fast internet service, Fibre, saw losses of $859 million on revenue of $185 million. That’s compared to revenue of $74 million and losses of $660 million at the same time last year. This is only the third quarter that Alphabet has reported under its new operating structure.

The other most important numbers are cost per click, how much Google can charge for its ads, and paid clicks — how many times people click those ads. Cost per click was down 7% vs -6% expected, and paid clicks were up 29% year-over-year vs 27% expected.

Google’s “other revenues,” where it lumps together its cloud business, Play store revenues, and hardware sales, were $2.17 billion, up 33% year-over-year. That’s better than the 24% growth it saw last quarter. The company has said that it ultimately sees its enterprise business as being more important than its advertising business, so that increased growth is a good sign. On the company’s earnings call, CFO Ruth Porat confirmed that cloud and apps drove most of the growth of other revenues.

Other important numbers:

  • Alphabet increased its headcount to 66,575, a big leap from 57,148 a year before. Porat said that Google was growing bigger by numbers, but “Other Bets” were growing faster
  • Google websites revenue was $15.4 billion, up 24% year-over-year, while Google’s networks revenue was $3.7 billion, up 3% year-over-year. Websites revenue includes YouTube
  • Its operating expenses — other than cost of revenues — were $7.4 billion, or 34% of its revenue.
  • The company’s capital expenditures were $2.12 billion. Porat said that the costs were driven by production equipment (likely for YouTube) and data center construction
  • Its traffic acquisition costs — the fees it pays to partner websites that run Google ads or services — were $3.9 billion. Last quarter, Google’s TAC made analysts nervous. It has held steady year-over-year at 21% of total advertising revenue

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