Google Adds Nielsen To TV Tests

Google is … doing something with Nielsen with regard to the search giant’s TV experiment. The NYT says the two companies are “set to announce a partnership“, while the AP has a more straightforward explanation: Google is paying Nielsen for access to its data.

Without much more detail, it’s hard to decipher whether this is real news or something more incremental; bet on the latter. Both articles talk about Google’s interest in supplying advertisers with second-to-second information gleaned from set-top boxes, but that’s an industrywide push; in less than two years, when the digital changeover is complete, it should be a reality.

Also missing from the stories – a sense of how far Google’s tv experiment has progressed so far: both note that Google is selling some ads for Echostar (DISH) and a small Bay Area cable system, but our understanding was that the pool of advertisers was fairly small; perhaps 100 total. Anyone have more info?

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