Google Is Bringing Its Siri Killer To iPhones And iPads

google android jelly bean maps placesGoogle demonstrated Google Now at its developers conference in June.

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Google announced today that it’s adding its enhanced voice-powered search to its apps for the iPhone and iPad.The new apps will be a slightly altered form of the excellent Google Now feature that’s included in the new version of Android called Jelly Bean.

Google Now is a Siri-like assistant that taps into Google’s “Knowledge Graph” to bring you the one specific answer you’re looking for. For example, you can ask Google Now “How old is Barack Obama?” and a digitized voice will give you the answer, “51.”

Now Google is adding that same functionality to its apps on the iPhone and iPad. 

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This is a huge move for Google, as it’s encroaching on Apple’s own voice-powered assistant Siri. Siri, which Apple claims is still in beta, still has trouble getting you the answers to what you’re looking for because it doesn’t use Google to find answers for you. If Siri can’t help you, it prompts you to search Google in your web browser instead.

Google says the new iPhone and iPad apps will be ready in a few days.

Click here to see how Google Now works on Android >

Here’s a demo video from Google that shows how the new search apps will work on the iPhone and iPad :

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