Google Accidentally Deleted An Entire Island

The Scottish Island of Jura has accidentally been wiped off Google maps, a problem that Internet monolith is still trying to fix. 

The tiny island off Scotland’s west coast, which is home to more deer than people, disappeared from Google’s map view sometime around July 5. It was still visible in the satellite view.  

“That doesn’t sound good!” quoted a Google spokeswoman as saying when alerted of the issue. “We are sorry about that. We’re aware of the problem, and our engineers are beavering away to fix it,” she added. 

Based on our latest search, the poor island of Jura is still a block of blue ocean on Google Maps. The only remaining trace of the island’s existence is a thin white line marking a road.

Around 200 people live on Jura, who are outnumbered by more than 5,000 deer. It covers an area of about 140 square miles.

This is not the first Google Maps snafu. Last November, geologists discovered that Sandy Island, a Manhattan-sized island that shows up on Google maps and other charts between Australia and New Caledonia, does not actually exist after they sailed right through it.

In the images below, Jura has vanished from Google’s “map view” but is still visible in the “satellite view.”

Map view:

JuraJura is still invisible Google’s ‘map view.’

Satellite view:

JuraJura is still visible on Google Map

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