This Is What Happened When The NBA Exhibition Circuit Hit Brooklyn

EBC v. Goodman Basketball Game

The NBA lockout continues. But basketball doesn’t stop for David Stern.

Summer league play is still in full force. And the latest exhibition took place in our Brooklyn backyard.

Washington, D.C.’s famed Goodman League traveled north to face New York and some of Rucker Park’s best.

The program suggested some talented NBA stars would be in attendance.

Unfortunately, that didn’t exactly happen.

But when you sit underneath the basket and witness some of the greatest athletes in the world, there’s little to complain about.

An exciting game came down to the wire and some pressure-filled free throws. And for those that stayed till the end…an exciting dance routine.

A litany of NBA stars, including Kevin Durant and Ron Artest were announced.

The game was played at Long Island University in Brooklyn.

Two hours before the game and a line had already formed.

And it kept going...

...and going.

The bus is here! But who will be on it?

The Detroit Pistons' Greg Monroe showed up...but not before struggling to get through security.

The Memphis Grizzlies' Sam Young got some shots up early.

The Minnesota Timberwolves' Michael Beasley joined in on the fun.

Monroe had that look in his eye...and 'that look' is pretty intimidating.

But Kemba Walker and Gary Forbes were the lone NBA players for New York. No Artest, No Joakim Noah. And Durant couldn't make it. Lame.

At least we had our master of ceremonies. Sporting some type of championship belt.

What's better than one MC? Two! It was unclear whether they were working in unison or in spite of each other.

Tip-off was also delayed by over an hour. At least there was an in-house DJ.

The crowd finally filed in. And the tip was minutes away.

The action was furious and fast-paced. This is just a small sampling.

It was largely played at or above the rim.

And show off his impressive body art.

Kemba played nearly all 40 minutes for EBC.

Featuring four NBA players, the Goodman League enjoyed a double-digit lead much of the first half.

Thanks in large part to Young's dazzling dunks and immense shooting range.

But Kemba led his team on a third-quarter comeback, closing the deficit to just two points entering the fourth quarter.

The crowd spent the entire final frame on its feet.

And that's when the players really began to take it seriously. And show off a little muscle.

Down just three with under 30 seconds to play, EBC drew up a play.

For who else? Except Kemba's shot came up begging.

A series of traded baskets and free throws brought the lead down to two in the final seconds.

It didn't phase him. The Goodman League pulled out a nail-biter, 119-117. Kemba led all scorers with 30 points in the loss.

And Beasley was all smiles.

But the highlight of the night had to be this one-person dance-off. The players were more than enthused by the performance.

What else is happening in the New York sports scene?

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