Good News Is All Around


We sometimes get slammed for being too negative… and we’re not planning on changing our tune too much (especially since everytime we post something positive we get slammed for seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses). So we’ll outsource our optimism over to the good folks at NYMag, which recently did a roundup of all the good news out there.

• The American consumer gets a very bad rap these days, but here’s something we love about ourselves: We want what we want, goddamn it, and you better give it to us. And this man wants his Jimmy Dean sausage. [YouTube]

• We here at the Downturnaround consider bad news for Cerberus, the buyout firm staffed with Bush-era flunkies including former Treasury Secretary John Snow and yes, Dan Quayle (amazing he’s employed, isn’t it?), to be good news for the U.S. economy and Americans generally. Actually, include the whole world in that. [FT]

• They like her. They really like her. Hillary charms the Chinese: After a face-to-face meeting in which our new secretary of State begged the Chinese to keep buying U.S. Treasuries, a Chinese official told Clinton that she looked “younger and more beautiful” than she appears on television.” We’re taking that as a yes. [Bloomberg]

• You know what happens after you declare personal bankruptcy? You get to keep living. [Bob is Bankrupt via Market Movers/Portfolio]

There’s a lot more out there, so go check out the whole thing. And feel free to post any of your good news here. Consider this a good news open thread.