TV Not Dead! Teens Get Most News From It

In contrast to adults, who increasingly follow the news online (at the expense of the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric, et al), teens and young adults get most of their news from television, according to a new study from Harvard University.  Unfortunately, the headline implication of the study–that teens and young adults intentionally follow the news by watching TV–is false.  The truth is that teens and young adults don’t give a damn about news, no matter where it is (unless it’s about themselves or their friends).  Teens and young adults are twice as likely to consume news on TV as online because, on TV, news is now smuggled into comedy shows like Jon Stewart. 

The majority of teens and young adults, in other words, only consume news if they “happen to come across it.”  So the Harvard study does not, in fact, offer hope for the CBS Evening News.  Stefanie Olsen, CNET


Sorry, still screwed.

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