Good News For CBA Staff Bonuses: Customer Satisfaction Is Up Again

The Commonwealth Bank has beat its big four competitors to hold the highest customer satisfaction ratings for 8 months, in what will be good news for bonuses across the bank.

Roy Morgan’s Consumer Banking Satisfaction report, released yesterday, found 81.4% of CBA customers “very or fairly satisfied” in September, up 2.9% points from September 2012.

Earlier this year, CBA boss Ian Narev that the bank had achieved its long-term goal of topping the Roy Morgan rankings in February. CBA employee bonuses – from Narev down – are based in part on customer satisfaction ratings.

Here’s what Roy Morgan found in September:

CBA, Westpac, ANZ and NAB recorded an average customer satisfaction level of 79.7% in September, unchanged from August and equivalent to the highest level reached in the survey’s 18 years.

CBA and Westpac (79.0%) ratings both improved 0.3% points in the month, but NAB fell 0.2% points to 78.9% and ANZ fell 0.1% point to 77.9%.

NAB was the clear market leader just 12 months ago, with 80.3% of customers “very or fairly satisfied”.

There’s more in the Roy Morgan report.

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