5 Kindle Books On How To Become Happier and Richer

As frequent Outlaw readers know, I have become utterly obsessed with my Amazon Kindle 3G and read far more than I ever have before — except for maybe when I was in college.  

If you’re like me and are in constant search of good Kindle books to read and devour in the Kindle Store, here are some recommendations:

Be — A.C. Ping’s concise self-help book is one of the simplest, most profound Kindle books I’ve ever read. You can probably read the whole thing in two hours or less.

Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz — Choose “free sample” within the Kindle Store to read the first 10% of this book, written by me, free of charge. It chronicles my experiments with Web fame a couple years ago — an experiment that culminated in several national television appearances, newspaper mentions, and even Jimmy Kimmel making fun of me in a segment on his late-night ABC show… ironically, all of this led to a lucrative book deal. Fun journey, although I personally think people who seek attention without having a specific end game in mind are morally repulsive — and a waste of oxygen (e.g. Sarah Palin). The book is also in stores as a paperback, but please don’t kill trees to read about viral Internet marketing. It’d make no sense to do that.

How To Get Rich — I enjoyed every single page of billionaire Felix Dennis’ thoughtful journey. Beautifully written, no-nonsense, and at times brutal — I recommend this in my Outlaw newsletter at least once every month to remind readers that being “nice” and a “team player” have absolutely nothing to do with becoming wealthy.

The Definitive Book of Body Language — This is a Kindle book that will pay many dividends over time… I’ve found that understanding, and occasionally employing, body language techniques gives you a “silent” edge during negotiations in the work place — or nearly anywhere, including in line at Starbucks or at the airport. Absolutely fascinating stuff. The parts about handshake language and when to smile (and when not to) were especially interesting to read through.

Never Eat Alone — Now a classic modern business book, if that makes any sense, this book really forced me to re-evaluate how I was managing my relationships with colleagues and partners — and made me realise I wasn’t doing nearly enough to expand in that area. The ideas in this book are absolute gems, and the overall attitude is infectious as well.

— provided by Outlaw