It's Going To Be Really Tough To Find A Good humour Toasted Almond Bar This Summer

ice cream good humour truck

Photo: rollingrck/Flickr

Some of Good humour’s ice cream flavours are in short supply for ice cream trucks this summer, due to a combination of warm weather and a factory closing, according to a Wall Street Journal article.Certain classics, like Toasted Almond and Chocolate Eclair, could be impossible to find until late July.

“It’s a nightmare,” Brian Collis, owner of Latham, N.Y.-based ice cream truck operator Mr. Ding-A-Ling Ice Cream Inc., told the WSJ. “It has never been like this.”

Unilever attributes the ice cream shortage to Good humour’s main factory closing down in Hagerstown, Md. Good humour also unveiled more convenience-store freezers in response to the U.S. launch of Magnum ice cream bars, straining the remaining factories to produce more ice cream.

The recent unusually warm weather hasn’t helped, either.

Unilever assures the shortages only apply to their ice cream trucks, not Good humour ice cream sold in stores — good news for New Yorkers who want their Toasted Almond bars. There is one catch: Good humour’s grocery store bars are slightly smaller than the same flavours sold in ice cream trucks.

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